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yesterday was not a great day, blackness ensued throughout
my mind and terrorized me to the point of exhaustion.
I was looking at someone's web page and realized I don't have
any REAL friends. you know, the type that you can tell anything to
or even any friends that'll call me just to say "whats up?"
maybe i dont because i wont let anyone know how
i really feel inside (and shit im not gonna do it on this)
but i was crushed, the thoughts of it just started engulfing
my brain like a kind of dense fog that blankets the earth and
makes it hard to even see the hand on the end of your arm.
i grew emensely angery, pissed off so bad that i wanted to
inflict pain upon myself yet again. but i didnt, just wanted to.

you know this is some fucked up shit. i was sitting in class
and i just wanted to get up and yell out "FUCK EVERYONE" and walk
out but for some reason i just sat there and said nothing. lately
i've wanted to just fuck shit up but i dont. i know damn well i dont
give a fuck about people or what they think but i just didnt do it.
but i will one day.