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Many of those are not the way we look at the world
but through eyes of the nieve and quite often do we
ever take that for granted and never do we give praise
to those who deserve it until we realixe what we should
have done when its too late to fix what has been broken.
yes I am whatever I am until I'm done and gone but noone
really cares because they're too involved in their own
malicious lives and too strung on self importance that they
can't see that they are not as good as they really think
yet they will never be anything more than ignorant slobs
who will have to sacrifice their intelligence for minimum
wage because they chose not to care about their future
untill its past.

Never condone the feeling of power which you want from
life and love. give to receive, power of love is not a toy to
play with but is a tool to live with. find not a toy but a tool.
excape personal persecution from the military of the soul.